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Your face is your first impression to the world. You can’t hide from it. If you are unhappy with your facial appearance, it can be crippling for your confidence, your social life and your ability to move through the world with grace.

As a certified plastic surgeon, both non-surgical and surgical procedures ​are available from Dr. Shawn. The ability to skillfully perform — and when appropriate, combine — these methods gives Dr. Shawn a distinct advantage in perfecting a healthy, youthful facial appearance.

More often than not, patients are concerned with flaws in only a single aspect of their face — forehead wrinkles, droopy eyelids, flappy neck, etc. The concept of “Facial​ ​Age​ ​Harmony​” is a key component of Dr. Shawn’s approach to facial rejuvenation. All facial features are complex and unique, and changing one area may result in changes in others. Dr. Shawn will blueprint methods to improve the area of concern and to best address the related features to bring forth your most beautiful reflection.