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Patient Direct Supplement Ordering

As you know, we only recommend the highest quality supplements. For your convenience we have compiled a list of all of our preferred supplement vendors offering patient direct ordering. You will see the clickable website, and a Practitioner Code to order.

Xymogen / Wholescripts:

• OSMD / Birchenough

• Membership patients only use OSMDMEMBERSHIP for your discount


Pure Encapsulations:

Microbiome Labs:

Researched Nutritionals:, BIRMD


Designs For Health:

NeuroBiologix (Now NBX Wellness):




Sovereign Laboratories:

Arthur Andrew Medical: Best to order through FullScript

Biotics Research: Best to order through FullScript

QuickSilver Scientific: Best to order through FullScript

Berkeley Life Professional: Best to order through FullScript

Tailor Made BPC-157 peptide: Enter code TMH for 15% off your first order

*This site is good for ordering multiple different brands at one time. They do not carry: Xymogen, Researched Nutritionals, or Thorne.

If you have not been added to FullScript as a patient yet and would like to order, please email us at