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Meet Dr. Katherine Birchenough

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After many years in emergency medicine and urgent care, Dr. Katherine became one of the first medical doctors in South Carolina to be certified by the Institute for Functional Medicine. For more than a decade, she treated patients with the best of what she knew from her conventional allopathic medical training. After seeing thousands of patients that needed more, she realized that she had a personal and professional obligation to the pursuit of health beyond just the absence of disease, and thus began her training in root-cause resolution and optimal health. Now, Dr. Katherine devotes herself full-time to her passion: the promotion of total wellness, quality of life, longevity, and healthspan in her patients.

Her patients come from all walks of life: professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, retirees, college students, and busy working or stay at home moms. Almost everyone can benefit from a functional medicine approach to health.

When not seeing patients in the office, she is continually learning from the best in her field by attending conferences worldwide, reading voraciously, and working one-on-one with her many mentors. She prefers to keep her practice small so she can continue to deliver the best in cutting-edge wellness therapies.

Dr. Katherine is accredited by the Institute for Functional Medicine, American Board of Emergency Medicine, American Board of Pediatrics and the SC State Board of Medical Examiners.

Physician in Greenville, SC


“I started going to OptimalSelf MD while still recovering from COVID symptoms. I was 2 months after exposure and still feeling terrible. I needed my life back and Dr Katherine had the right combination of vitamin and immune booster infusions to help me in this process. After I was feeling almost back to normal, I decided to go for her full spectrum review of systems to see what else I needed to target to improve my overall health and well-being. I was amazed by the results! I knew exactly what my body was lacking for proper digestive health and hormone balance. She didn’t just put me on medications to “see if you feel better”. She had the data to show exactly what my body needed to function optimally. I’ve lost 10 lbs so far and have more energy than I’ve had in years! Plus her and her staff are amazing to work with! They treat you like they are your BFF, on top of being super professional and informative. They are there for you whenever you have questions along the way and don’t make you ever feel like you’re a bother. Good health is a life commitment and I’m glad I have found an amazing team to keep me on the right track.”

– Kathyrn D., Google Review

“I started seeing Dr. Katherine last year, to help with my horrid sleep disorder. She did a thorough lab workup, the most thorough I have ever seen, and I’m an RN for many years…She determined through genetic testing that I had indeed been born with this disorder, and we began work to improve my sleep and make me feel generally better…I am happy to say that I am now sleeping well most nights, and with 1/4 the dose of medicine I had been on for years. I’m very happy with the results of my consultation, and Dr. Katherine’s ability to work with me to solve my issues.”

– Kathy W., Google Review

“I met Dr. Katherine as she has treated my wife’s thyroid and hormone conditions. I decided to have an evaluation due to my consistent weight gain to determine if I had a thyroid issue developing. Dr. Katherine spent a lot of time reviewing my medical history and also did a deep dive into my food consumption, lifestyle/activities etc…. Extensive blood work followed and the answer was clear. I was taking in too many carbs. Dr Katherine organized a “carb detox” for me and then transitioned me to building a food plan on my on based on how my body responded to different levels of carb intake. She didn’t give a fixed program, but rather the tools that allowed me to succeed for the long term. Along the way, she methodically treated my low testosterone levels. The combination of eating, exercising and improved hormone levels have led to a 45 lb weight loss and incredible energy improvements. I sleep much better, my mind is less “foggy” and my overall outlook has improved as my health has improved. Dr. Katherine continues to monitor my bloodwork and offers advice along the way to help me continue to improve my health. I value the “personalized” treatment approach and the time she invests in understanding her patients.”

– Jud L., Google Review

“I started seeing Dr. Katherine Birchenough after several people recommended her. I had been struggling with daytime fatigue for years. Even though I was trying this ‘functional medicine’ I was extremely skeptical. Years of different strategies, doctors, voodoo hadn’t helped. Dr. Katherine takes a very thorough history and blood work. She’s like a detective with a mystery. Well, Sherlock Holmes has competition! I feel so much better. I have energy during the day and feel good and strong. I can’t explain how she does it but it works!”

– Leah N., Google Review