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Natural Biologics Injection Therapy
in Greenville, SC

Natural Biologics Injection Therapy in Greenville, SC
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At OptimalSelf MD we are excited to offer the latest regenerative therapies for wellness & aesthetics applications.

Indications for use:

Hair Restoration

  • Facial Rejuvenation
  • Sexual Wellness
  • Anti-Aging Therapies
  • Immune Support
  • Chronic Pain & Inflammation

Some of the most well-known natural biologics used are those that come from the umbilical cord and placenta, also known as “birth tissue products”. The umbilical cord and placenta as well as the amniotic fluid contain several valuable substances that are being used at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine today:

Wharton’s Jelly:

this makes up much of the substance, or tissue, of the umbilical cord that provides most of the support around the blood supply (umbilical artery), and yes, it looks like clear jelly. This is composed of a multitude of “scaffolding” proteins (which provide an “anchor” or network for the other injected substances to stick to and not drain away), growth factors, and in some cases (depending on the preparation) live cells that can stimulate your body’s own healing factors to repair damaged tissue.


these are tiny vesicles that “bud” off from live cells, that are the newest exciting frontier in regenerative medicine. Exosomes are composed of messenger-RNA (which sends a “code” to the host’s cells to begin repair), micro-RNA (which has anti-inflammatory properties), and cytokines. Cytokines are small proteins that act as messengers for cell-to-cell signaling that can, among other things, strengthen the immune system, carry growth factors, and provide instructions from one cell or cell to others. Because of their small size, they can cross the blood-brain barrier, and have higher concentrations of growth factors than adult stem cells.

Placental Products:

these come from the placenta, or the “birth sac” that houses and protects a developing baby that is harvested after birth. These products have biologic growth factors and cellular components from placental tissue and stem cells. These growth factors, much like those found in PRP, are useful in tissue healing, and can perform as well or better than PRP alone. Like umbilical cord biologics products, these substances can provide excellent healing benefit.

Amniotic Allograft:

amniotic-derived products, including amniotic membrane and amniotic fluid products have been used for years by orthopedic and plastic surgeons in the treatment of all kinds of conditions and non-healing wounds. The amniotic fluid is rich in structural proteins like collagen, cytokines, and growth factors and can be used in aesthetic procedures.

Disclaimer: Although we use only rigorously screened products from FDA Registered labs, our human cell, purified amniotic fluid and tissue products are not FDA approved or licensed for the prevention, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation and/or cure of any disease or condition, including COVID-19. Individuals interested in natural biologics therapy are urged to review all pertinent information and do their own research before choosing to participate in treatments utilizing natural biologics products.