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The OptimalSelfMD portal currently serves as our preferred method of communication as it provides our patients a secure platform to discuss all of their health information.

The Benefits of a Patient Portal

You can access all of your personal health information in one place as we post all test results and billing information in the portal.”

How to Use the Patient Portal

Getting Started

How to Complete Your Registration

How to Upload Profile Image

How to Send a Portal Message

How to Find Lab Test Results

How to Upload Documents

How to Fill Out New Documents

How Pay a Bill


Click here to
read a guide on how to utilize and access the portal

When to Contact a Medical Professional

The patient portal is best utilized for any daily non urgent communication with our office. This includes items such as scheduling, prescription refills, billing, medical questions, etc. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency please call 911 (or your local medical emergency number) or seek immediate care from the nearest hospital emergency room.