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Even those who consider themselves healthy should be proactive in maintaining themselves, inside and out. Whether you experience chronic fatigue or body insecurity, the Drs. Birchenough will map out the best solution for your individual needs. Dr. Katherine, a board-certified medical doctor with functional medicine training, acts as your personal health investigator, weeding out the root causes of disconcerting symptoms, balancing nutrition and hormones, and providing you with a roadmap to total wellness. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shawn offers a spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics options so you can look as good as you feel and be assured that you’ll get the best possible results. OptimalSelf MD accompanies you on the journey from traditional medicine to the quest for optimal wellness, balance and physicality.

Look your best, feel your best and become your “Optimal Self.”

Physician & Plastic Surgeon in Greenville, SC


Welcome to downtown Greenville's first combined functional medicine and aesthetics practice! Featuring Dr. Katherine Birchenough, an experienced physician certified in Functional Medicine with a concierge wellness practice and Dr. Shawn Birchenough, a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Katherine works on restoring balance in the body by working on environmental inputs, nutrition, hormone balance, inflammation, digestion and absorption, detoxification, energy metabolism, and emotional and cognitive wellness. Dr. Shawn offers a multitude of advanced aesthetic procedures, and a full array of plastic surgery procedures to make you look as good as you feel. We work together to help return you to your personal best.

YOUR Total body health

Have you spent years battling a chronic disease or vague, unexplained symptoms? Maybe you’re tired of not getting any answers, and you’re looking for relief. 

By looking deep into the body’s complex network of systems, Dr. Katherine can identify patterns of dysfunction and return you to your personal best. She has seen many patients in the ER with serious symptoms not explained by conventional testing or diagnostic studies.

Many patients may have felt unwell for years but have never been offered treatment because there was no diagnosis, or even worse, dismissed after being told it was psychosomatic or just part of the normal aging process. Dr. Katherine uses advanced diagnostic testing to identify the imbalances that may be at the root of your symptoms.


IV Nutrient Therapy is a great way to introduce vitamins and other therapeutic agents directly into the blood stream to:
• Correct Deficiencies
• Enhance Immunity
• Increase Energy
• Achieve + Maintain Optimal Health

Why Choose IV Nutrient Therapy?

It’s estimated that only 20-40% of vitamins and minerals taken orally get absorbed. By delivering nutrients directly into the blood stream, you’ll feel the effects immediately and distribution to your cells is quicker and more thorough.
Plus, you’ll get to hang out in our cozy IV Lounge!
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