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Plastic Surgery in Greenville, SC

Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery in Greenville, SC


Plastic Surgery in Greenville, SC

Medical Aesthetics

Greenville’s Premier Medical Wellness,
Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center,
Proudly Physician Owned and Operated

At OSMD, we enable our patients to take a proactive role in caring for themselves, inside & out. From helping you achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle to making you the most radiant and confident version of yourself, we strive to meet the needs of the whole person.

We are licensed and experienced physicians providing each patient with the highest quality of care delivered in a contemporary state-of-the-art facility. Dr. Katherine, a board-certified medical doctor specialty trained in functional medicine acts as your personal health investigator, weeding out the root causes of disconcerting symptoms and providing you with a roadmap to total wellness. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Shawn offers a spectrum of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics options so you can look as good as you feel and be assured that you’ll get the best possible results.

Proudly serving Greenville and the surrounding areas, our highly trained staff and unique combination of services make us stand out in the Upstate as the first specialty medical practice of its kind. Let OptimalSelf MD accompany you on your quest for optimal wellness, balance and physicality.

– Drs. Katherine & Shawn Birchenough

Look And Feel Your Best At Any Age!

Physician & Plastic Surgeon in Greenville, SC

Meet Dr. Shawn &
Dr. Katherine Birchenough

Welcome to downtown Greenville’s first combined functional medicine and aesthetics practice! Featuring Dr. Katherine Birchenough, an experienced physician certified in Functional Medicine with a concierge wellness practice and Dr. Shawn Birchenough, a board-certified and fellowship-trained plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Katherine works on restoring balance in the body by working on environmental inputs, nutrition, hormone balance, inflammation, digestion and absorption, detoxification, energy metabolism, and emotional and cognitive wellness. Dr. Shawn offers a multitude of advanced aesthetic procedures, and a full array of plastic surgery procedures to make you look as good as you feel. We work together to help return you to your personal best.