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Memberships at OSMD

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Are you at a point in life where you’re feeling lackluster, wondering what happened to your energy, and worried you’ve lost control of your health?

Or perhaps you’re feeling your performance or cognition wane, and want to regain your edge? Maybe you just want to learn more about how to stay well and vital as long as possible! We’d like to tell you about our health optimization and wellness membership practice. By assessing hormonal, metabolic and nutritional needs as well as identifying sources of stress and taxation on the body, Dr. Katherine can create a personalized wellness plan for lifelong health and disease prevention. As a conventionally trained MD certified in functional medicine, hormone & peptide therapy, and age management, she has a unique approach to achieving and maintaining health. She wants to spread the word and bring this opportunity to qualified and interested patients. You don’t have to be sick to see her, in fact, she prefers to keep you well by giving you the tools you need now.

Wellness Memberships at OSMD are designed to complement primary care, not replace it.

Dr. Katherine provides the extra attention you need to thrive, takes your health a step further, and makes herself available to you when needed. By limiting her practice to a smaller number of patients, she is able to spend the kind of time it takes to practice medicine the right way and stay current on her knowledge.

Why be a membership patient at OSMD? Here are some of the solutions we offer:

  • Advanced metabolic & nutritional testing
  • Food & chemical sensitivity testing
  • Gut & digestive health assessment
  • Biological age & telomere testing
  • Advanced age management
  • Nutrigenomic testing (genetics)
  • Cognitive optimization
  • Immune support protocols
  • Personalized supplement regimens
  • Intravenous vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Hormone balancing & replacement therapy
  • Peptide therapy
  • Weight loss programs
  • Medical aesthetics (skin & hair)
  • Sexual wellness treatments for men & women

What you’ll find if you work with Dr. Katherine is that she is a very different kind of doctor:

  • She won’t wait until you’re sick to do anything to help you
  • She’ll actually listen to you and give you the time you need
  • She will continually look for ways to get you better and keep you healthy
  • She will customize a treatment plan for you that includes all you need to feel and look your best
  • She is constantly seeking advanced training and learning more every day because she’s passionate about what she does
  • She’s available to her Platinum & Gold membership patients with a quick text or phone call, because if you commit to her and her vision, she will 100% commit to you

Membership Benefits:

  • 10% off all in-house supplements, IV Therapy, and skin care products
  • 10% off all non-surgical aesthetics services, including fillers and neurotoxins
  • 10% off all sexual wellness procedures
  • Complimentary B12 shots
  • Complimentary InBody testing
  • Members Only special offers every month
  • Access to specialty testing not available elsewhere
  • Access to custom formulated specialty medications like peptides, senomorphics, and senolytics
  • Access to customized anti-aging protocols
  • With some memberships, routine monitoring labs are included

Membership Types:

Concierge Level

  • Wellness Platinum (top notch plan that includes OSMD dollars in your account to spend as you wish!)
  • Wellness Gold (unlimited visits and direct access to Dr. K)

OSMD Practice Memberships

  • Wellness Silver (great for anyone on hormones, peptides, or other specialty meds)
  • Hormone Pellet Membership (includes all your pellets and labs)
  • IV Therapy membership


Memberships are beneficial to those taking advantage of multiple services at OSMD, and are available to qualified patients on a limited basis!

Brand new patient? Contact us here.

Existing patient that is interested? Submit a request through the patient portal.