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Thigh Lift in Greenville, SC

Dr. Shawn Birchenough is a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery and aesthetics. Dr. Katherine Birchenough is only the fourth physician in South Carolina to be board-certified in functional medicine, and she is certified in peptide therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, emergency medicine, and pediatrics. At OptimalSelf MD, we thigh lift surgery for men and women in Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, Spartanburg, and surrounding communities in South Carolina.

What is Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery helps to tone the inner and outer thighs, as well as the area just below your buttocks. Dr. Shawn specializes in techniques that create feminine, soft contours for women’s thighs and masculine contoured results for men. A thigh lift is a great option if you have a stubborn roll of fat just below your buttocks that doesn’t respond to exercise. Take a look at our thigh lift before and after photos to see how the procedure works.

How Much Does a Thigh Lift Cost?

At OptimalSelf MD, we understand that you want to feel good about yourself, yet cost may be a primary consideration. We recommend that you schedule a consultation as a first step.  As part of the consultation, we explain the price of your thigh lift surgery, and payment can be made by cash, check, and credit card. We also work with CareCredit® and Alphaeon® to offer our patients financing options.

Who is a Good Candidate for Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery requires general anesthesia, so you should be in good physical condition. Dr. Shawn recommends that you be at a sustained weight for at least one year and also spend that much time trying to tone up your thighs with exercise.

What Can I Expect During Thigh Lift Surgery?

Thigh lift surgery helps bring out contours by removing excess skin and tissue. Dr. Shawn performs inner thigh lift surgery, outer thigh lift surgery, and medial thigh lift surgery. Most patients only need help in one or the other area, but Dr. Shawn can perform a lift over the entire thigh if needed.

How Long Will It Take Me to Recover from Thigh Lift Surgery?

Expect to spend the first 10 days at home resting. Bruising, swelling, tightness, numbness, tingling, and discomfort are common after thigh lift procedures. Thigh lift scars take approximately 12 months to heal and fade to a color that is slightly darker than your natural skin tone.

Can I Schedule a Consultation for Thigh Lift Surgery?

OptimalSelf MD offers consultations with Dr. Shawn, and we encourage you to schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation or in-office consultation for a fee.

OptimalSelf MD is the first center in South Carolina to offer plastic surgery, aesthetics, and wellness for men and women in Greenville, Simpsonville, Greer, Spartanburg, and the nearby areas of South Carolina. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to discuss your thigh lift surgery options.