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Health Coaching with Sarah
in Greenville, SC

Sarah Wilson - Health Coach
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Hello, I am Sarah, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I have always had a passion for health and wellness but struggled with consistency. I was either 100% into a “healthy lifestyle” or 100% out of it.

When I was younger, I was very active and lived in a home where my parents cooked dinner almost every night. I am very lucky because this instilled a healthy relationship with food and exercise. When I went to college, my active lifestyle came to a halt as I was now eating chicken tenders and fries daily. My body felt tired and my confidence crumbled. Here began my long struggle with diet and exercise culture.

Through my biological studies in college and help from my mother I was able to reestablish a less processed, whole foods diet. But, through college and afterwards, I truly struggled to stay consistent with exercise. Despite joining gyms or using fitness apps, I always fell out of my routine, unintentionally neglecting physical activity for months at a time.

After college, I wanted to go to medical school. After working in the field, I quickly realized it was not the lifestyle for me. I wanted to help people live healthier, happier lives. I moved to Colorado and began the dream job as a snowboard instructor and a river guide. These jobs allowed me to impart valuable skills that will influence people’s lives forever. Sharing my passions with others while taking them on exciting, wild adventures fueled my soul.

Although these jobs brought me immense joy, I yearned for a more significant impact. Discovering Dr. Katherine’s functional medicine practice, I applied as a medical assistant and delved into the world of root cause medicine. I had finally found a healthcare field that aligned with my core values. As I learned more, I stumbled upon the role of health coaches—professionals guiding clients to set and achieve health-related goals. This was exactly what I needed to conquer my own health challenges. Recognizing its potential, Dr. Katherine and I agreed it would be a valuable addition to the practice.

Embarking on my journey as a health coach, I finally achieved lasting changes in my own health. I found movement I love, fostering consistency and resulting in a profound shift in energy and confidence. Recognizing that everyone’s journey is unique, I am here to help you discover your authentic self and guide you through transformative, lasting lifestyle changes—not just another diet or fleeting wellness trend.

What Does a Health Coach Do?

Health Coaches collaborate with their clients to develop and execute a sustainable strategy for attaining health and lifestyle objectives. What sets health coaches apart is their role as partners rather than authoritative figures. They provide personalized guidance grounded in evidence and experience, empowering clients to undertake meaningful efforts that build a resilient and mindful foundation for goal achievement. Emphasizing the interconnectedness of food, lifestyle, and health, Health Coaches leverage clients’ internal strengths and external resources to offer recommendations. These recommendations span diverse areas such as exercise, relationships, nutrition, spirituality, and beyond.

How My Clients Would Describe Me

When asked, my closest friends characterize me as loyal, honest, and a proficient problem solver with a knack for follow-through as well as an openness to embracing new experiences. This is the kind of support you can expect when collaborating with me. I bring a high level of empathy, comprehending challenges deeply. Furthermore, I dig into the underlying reasons behind your struggles, aiming to uncover the root causes of your challenges. As we work together, I aim to establish a trusting relationship, creating a safe space for self discovery and growth.

My Program

Take your first steps towards your Optimal Self by signing up for my 3-Month Health Coaching Program. This program gives you the tools you need to make lasting lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your health and wellness goals. We understand that you are an individual, therefore, our program is dynamic and adapts to the needs and goals of each client.

Prior to enrolling in the program, we’ll conduct a 30-minute consultation call to go over your health history and wellness goals. This will help us assess whether we are a suitable match for collaboration. If it’s a good fit, we’ll proceed to enroll you in the program and arrange our initial session.

The program will begin with a 60 minute meeting where we will set the foundation by exploring what motivates you and determine your priorities. We will work together to discover your wellness vision and take the first steps of achieving that vision by setting small, achievable goals.

Once we have a plan, we will meet biweekly for 30 minutes in-person or through tele-health. During these sessions, we will review how your last two weeks went, what worked and what challenges you encountered. We will set goals and create action plans to achieve those goals. You will receive resources that will aid you in making decisions that align with your wellness vision.

I will be your accountability partner along the way. If between our meetings, you feel like you are falling off track, then I will be here to help troubleshoot and determine what changes we need to make to get you back on track.

At the end of the three months, you will have achieved goals and established the foundation to continue achieving lifestyle changes that will bring you closer to your wellness vision. You will have a sustainable plan for maintaining and continuing progress on your own. If you still need more time with me, we can add on sessions a la carte. After you have finished the program I understand that life happens. I will be here whenever you need a troubleshoot to get you back on track.

What’s Included:

  • Initial 60 minute session to establish your goals
  • Bi-weekly 30 minute sessions (5 total)
  • $100 voucher to use on in-office products
  • Complimentary InBody Analysis at beginning and end of program
  • Three B12 shots that may be used each month of your program
  • Wellness Handbook customized for you
  • Patient portal messaging service with response within 24 business hours
  • 24 hour email response time from Sarah

Jumpstart your health now with a free Consultation Call with me to review your health history and wellness goals and assess whether we are a suitable match for collaboration!