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Age Optimization Program

Age Reversal Program in Greenville, SC
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Starting to feel your age?

What if I told you I could measure your biologic age, tell you how fast you were aging right now, and help you turn back the clock in 1 year? You might not believe me, or you might think I was crazy for suggesting such a thing was possible.

Well, what’s crazy is that it IS possible. I can plausibly help you slow down or even reverse your cellular aging, making you biologically younger than you are today.

Let me tell you how!

First, we’ll measure your biologic age with a blood test called TruAge. This test is very accurate. I’ll be able to tell you how old your cells are compared to your actual chronologic age. With this test I can also tell you the age and health of your immune system, and how many “years per year” you are aging right now. Maybe you’ll be one of the lucky ones that’s already biologically 20 years younger than your actual age! If that’s the case, you may not need my help.


But if you’re aging faster than you should be, we’ll look into WHY. With a combination of specialty testing and careful lifestyle and environmental analysis, I can pinpoint – and help you fix – the things that are aging you prematurely.

Over the course of a year, I will take you through several steps designed to reverse cellular aging. I’ll analyze and treat things like:

  • Micronutrient deficiencies
  • Oxidative stress
  • Inflammation
  • Blood sugar imbalance
  • Insulin resistance
  • Toxic burden
  • Cell membrane damage
  • Fatty liver
  • Hormone deficiency
  • Low NAD+
  • Sleep deficit
  • Immune dysregulation

With each step, your body (and brain!) will function more efficiently, allowing your cells to repair and rebuild, and become biologically younger. We will eliminate senescent “zombie” cells. Finally, we will re-test at 6 and 12 months to prove that it worked.

Not only will you turn back the clock, you’ll feel amazing, too!

*This all-inclusive program is extraordinarily comprehensive and is limited to patients willing to commit for a full year. You must have had a pre-consultation call and be screened by Dr. Katherine for any contraindications to participating.