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Customized Skin Care & Product Consultations

After you get your in-office facial procedures, how do you continue to maximize the benefits at home? Who doesn’t need some help with determining which makeup and at-home cosmeceutical products work best with their skin, especially after investing in facial procedures like Microdermal Needling or Laser Resurfacing. With a Customized Skin Care Consultation, patients are encouraged to bring in what they are currently using, and together we will incorporate a new improved regimen that fits their lifestyle and will give them the ultimate results they are looking for to complement what we can do for them in the office.

With the guidance of Dr. Katherine and our staff, we have carefully selected companies and products to offer our patients. There is tremendous variability in the safety and efficacy of products out there. And just because a company has spent a lot of time and money advertising in magazines or on TV, it doesn’t mean they are very effective or have safe ingredients. We work very hard to provide the most beneficial cosmeceutical products and makeup on the market!

Our key partners are Revision, Elta MD, ABI Dermaceuticals, SkinMedica, and BeautyCounter.