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Bespoke Myers Cocktail

The modern Myers cocktail is built upon the work of the late Dr. John Myers, a pioneer in nutritional medicine and cellular biochemistry. It consists of ascorbic acid,  B-vitamins,  electrolytes and minerals and can be customized in endless ways for individual use. For example, amino acids can be added to achieve a specific therapeutic goal or zinc can be added for an immune or hormone boost. Dr. Katherine and her team are experienced at creating the perfect infusion to help you feel better, train harder, recover from a race, combat fatigue, ward off a cold, achieve glowing skin, or simply enhance energy and well-being.

Starting at $160

The prices of the Add-ons may vary, as it depends on what our suppliers are charging and is based on availability.

  • Vitamin C Boost (per 5 grams) $15
  • NitrOx Boost (arginine, citrulline, ornithine) (5 ml) $25
  • Power Boost (leucine, isoleucine, valine) (10 ml) $35
  • Multi-Mineral Boost (zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, selenium) $15
  • Metabolic "fat-burning" Boost (MIC) $40
  • Relaxation Boost (Extra Magnesium, Taurine) $25
  • Immune Boost (Zinc, 5 grams Vitamin C) $25
  • Migraine Boost (Magnesium, B6) $20
  • NAD+ Boost (125 mg of NAD+ given separately in a mini-drip at the end) $150