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Women want to feel confident and comfortable in their bodies, to be content with their breasts and proud of their femininity. Many women do not feel this confidence, but they fear that surgery will go wrong, leaving them overdone, uneven or worse off than before.

Dr. Shawn Birchenough specializes​ ​in​ ​breast​ ​surgeries ​of all types to help women achieve confidence, to fearlessly wear their clothing, improve posture and enhance proportion.

Consideration of breast surgery is a deeply personal​ ​process. That is why Dr. Shawn takes as much time as needed to listen thoughtfully to your aesthetic goals and expectations, offering only realistic advice for improvement.

Whether it’s breast augmentation​, reduction​, revision or lift, Dr. Shawn offers recommendations to help you envision your customized procedure and long-term goals. Dr. Shawn has specially trained with innovators of silicone breast implants and has experience in working with the newest type of silicone implant, known as “gummy​ ​bear”​ ​implants​, which have a thicker and more natural consistency than traditional implants.

A botched breast augmentation is a nightmare for many women. It’s especially important that you choose the best doctor to correct your previous procedure. Breast​ ​revision​ ​surgery​ ​is a specialized area of expertise and personal interest for Dr. Shawn, having studied these procedures during his fellowship and refined his approach.

He is deeply understanding of your previous experience with breast surgery and is eager to show you that mistakes can be corrected, whether they occurred on the operating table or progressed over time. Breast implants that are too large, have moved or have gotten harder are all possible for revision.



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