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Body Lift

A body lift (or belt lipectomy) is performed to remove excess skin from the torso and lower back. These procedures may also address the upper outer thighs or sagging skin at the bra line.

Candidates for body lifts typically suffer from loose (inelastic) skin on many or most areas of the body as a result of age, childbearing or significant weight loss due to diet, exercise or weight-loss surgery. Because of this, the procedure is often combined with others such as breast lift, arm lift or liposuction to retain a proper body proportion. Body lifts tighten and tone the abdomen, back, buttocks, hips and thighs.

What Can I Expect During a Body Lift?

During the procedure, skin is lifted from underlying tissue, muscles are tightened and stitched and fat is removed where necessary, and the skin is sutured closed. The navel is often removed and replaced in its new position.

How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover?

Up to three or four weeks may be necessary to get back to normal activities. However, the results can be life and wardrobe-changing!

Results are visible immediately, but final results of skin contraction and tightening can take up to three to four months. Surgical tubes may be needed for five to fourteen days, depending on the extent and location of the surgery. These help to drain any fluid, and patients may need to wear compression garments for a few weeks to facilitate faster healing. After surgery, patients are encouraged to walk as soon as they are able, although strenuous activities must be limited for about one month.

What Questions Should I Ask Dr. Birchenough?

  • “How many body areas can I have operated on at one time safely?”
  • “Where will my scars be located?”
  • “What can I do to maintain my results once I’ve put in so much to have it done?”

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