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Arm Lift

An arm lift (or brachioplasty) is performed to remove excess fat and skin from the upper arms for a more toned, slimmer appearance. Over time, the soft tissue in the upper arm becomes lax and may begin to droop and sag, resulting in arms that appear loose and hanging. Soft sagging tissue on the upper arms may also be the result of a very successful weight loss program either surgical or through exercise and diet improvements. Often, even an otherwise productive exercise program cannot address the inelastic skin and fat deposits that may cause sagging upper arms. Many people are embarrassed by the appearance of sagging upper arms, (especially in tighter fitting clothing), and seek treatment to restore a slimmer, more youthful appearance.

The arm lift procedure is ideal for patients who have a significant amount of excess, hanging skin or fat in the upper arm area, maintain a stable weight and have realistic expectations for surgery. It is also important that patients are healthy overall, with no major medical conditions that may be affected by surgery.

What Can I Expect During an Arm Lift?

The arm lift procedure will reduce excess skin and fat deposits between the underarm and the elbow, reshape the skin and contours of the upper arm, and give the arms a more toned appearance.

How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover?

Recovery time ranges from two to four weeks, depending on the physical activity that you would like to do. Typically, walking can start within one week, with light cardio activity starting within two to three weeks. With a balanced diet and regular exercise, the results are long-lasting. Most patients can return to normal social activities within seven to ten days.

What Questions Should I Ask Dr. Birchenough?

  • Will I require drains to help the surgical healing after the procedure?
  • How long will I have to stay in my compression garments to optimize my results?
  • When will the scars fade?

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