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Eyelid Surgery

Men frequently are told that they look “tired” or “older” because of the condition of their upper eyelid skin. Many times there is a combination of a drooping eyelid (ptosis) and excess skin and fat.

What Can I Expect from Eyelid Surgery?

The upper eyelid lift procedure is usually done with oral sedating medications and local anesthesia in the office, in about one hour. The extra skin is marked and an excision is used to remove it. Any extra fat under the eyelid skin is removed and the eyelids position can be adjusted, if they are drooping, with carefully placed stitches on the inside. Sutures on the outside are used to close up the incisions. These usually need to be removed at about five days after surgery. Swelling around the eyes is common because of the loose, thin nature of this unique skin. With care, swelling will go down within three to five days to the point where you could go out to dinner or visit friends. Redness in the scar can last about two to three weeks.

How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover?

You will be allowed to walk, do some daily activities, and return to desk-work about three to five days after the surgery, but strenuous activity, cardio workouts and heavy lifting will be restarted under close supervision by Dr. Birchenough in about two to three weeks.

What Questions Should I Ask Dr. Birchenough?

  • “What can I do about my sunken in lower eyelids? Do I need surgery?”
  • “Will I be able to see better if my upper eyelids are lifted?”


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