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45 year old mother of two from Charlotte, NC traveled to Dr. Birchenough to have revisional breast surgery. Her silicone implants were nearly 20 years old and capsular contractures (tight, thick scar tissue around the implants) had started to form. She wanted a more natural look and less firmness, as well as less pain, that had been increasing over the previous 2-3 years from the scar tissue around her older implants. An acellular dermal matrix skin sling (Stratttice) and gummy bear shaped, anatomic implants were used to give her a natural, soft, age-appropriate shape and look. And she’s ecstatic – back to exercising and doing the things she loves, including showing off the cleavage her daughters envy!

Before - Front ViewOptimalSelf MD Breast Revision Surgery Before
OptimalSelf MD Breast Revision Surgery After