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Optimal Glow Customized Facial Treatment

This is a 60 minute customized facial treatment that will start with a warm towel steaming, a double cleanse to fully remove makeup and remove all dirt & impurities in the skin. The skin is then analyzed with a mag lamp and steam is administered to open the skin follicles. Exfoliation is performed to remove the top layer of dead skin cells & allow products to penetrate more efficiently. This may be done with the electric rotary brush. The use of either High Frequency (germicidal properties) or Galvanic (product penetrating and/or stimulating properties) may be used. Extractions may be performed at this time.

A facial massage may be performed and a customized treatment mask will be applied. Powerful treatment serums, hydrators and sunscreen will complete the treatment. A post treatment skincare consultation will be conducted with every service to ensure client is using the correct home products to ensure best results. Treatments are recommended every 4 weeks for maximum benefit.