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OptimalSelf MD’s very own Laura tried a 10 Day Detox now being offered by OptimalSelf and documented her journey and results. Read more below and contact us to begin your journey towards a slimmer appearance, improved energy and mental clarity!

2 Days Before Beginning 10 Day Detox

When Dr. Katherine opened up the detox plan to us, I initially had 2 thoughts. One – ( insert 4 letter word) Two – NO. There is no way I could commit, I’m a mom to small kids and wife to a husband who has the taste palate of a gold fish. (Frozen chicken nuggets, anyone?) But for some reason, I kept this in the back of my brain. Maybe it’s the impending family vacation & swimsuit shopping. Maybe it was the idea of glowing skin, energy, mental clarity…all in just 10 days? Slowly that tiny seed blossomed into a full grown crazy idea that became “WELL WHY NOT?” If I can show people that I can do it, anyone can.

So here we are. With $80 of organic Aldi groceries in my truck, I start my 10 day detox this Wednesday and start the supplements this evening.

Here goes nothing.

grocery shopping for 6 day detox
1 Day Before Beginning 10 Day Detox

So last night, I began the pre-detox supplements that Xyomen recommends. With names like “Drainage” & “colonX”, I guess you could say I had a preconceived notion of what would be going on.

I took 2 colonX yesterday, plus 6 drops of Drainage AM/PM per directed. Nope, no noticeable changes in that department.

I did go by the store & pick up some Oreos as my last hurrah.

Day 1

For breakfast, I started with the Drainage drops & 4 Appecurb pills, then washed it down with the vanilla delight shake. I’m not going to sugar coat this deal, I lovingly renamed it “vanilla disaster.” I thought I could get away with just mixing the shake and the water in my xymogen bottle, but the texture & aftertaste was not to my… delight. For lunch I had a leftover turkey, sweet potato & kale skillet from the night before. This was actually delicious and super filling. 30 minutes prior to lunch, I had 4 appecurb pills, 3 optifiber pills and 2 lipotronix after. My kids talked me into an afternoon snack of a green apple & almond butter, 3 more optifiber pills followed. Dinner was black beans, brown rice and chicken with a side of 2 lipotropix pills. I took my Drainage, 2 colonX and probiotic before bed.

Day one in the books- not too bad at all.

For anyone counting – this is 21 pills, 12 Drainage drops, and a mandatory shake every day. *Head spins*

meal during 6 day detox
meal during 6 day detox
Day 2

This morning I weighed 4lbs less than I did 2 days ago. As much as I would love to accredit this to my stellar fat burning abilities, I know it’s just… well, 21 pills of detoxing side effects. After 30 minutes on the elliptical, I decided to give the shake another go this morning, only this time adding almond milk and frozen blueberries. SO.MUCH.BETTER. Who knew almond milk could be such a game changer??

Lunch was the same sweet potato turkey skillet- it’s equally delicious as the last 2 days, and I know I’ll continue to make this even after the detox.

This afternoon, a wave of exhaustion hits me like a freight train. Is this related to my detox? I turn on a movie for the kids and set my alarm for 15 minutes. I wake up feeling much better.

For dinner, I made a lentil stew with kale, carrot, onion, turmeric and a bunch of other spices. It was so delicious. I had 2 bowls of it and had a handful of strawberries before bed.

My pill count was still at 21, but much less effects of them today.

Day 3

By this morning I’ve gotten my shake just the way I like it and don’t even care that my 2 year-old smacks cereal in my ear as I drink it.

We are heading to Charlotte this weekend to visit my parents, and I know I need to plan ahead. I pack my shake ingredients, 2 cartons of blackberries, 2 containers of lentil stew and then I make a kale, zucchini, quinoa & salmon skillet. I eat half for lunch and pack the other half for tomorrow. I also make a chicken and cabbage skillet for Sunday because I know I’ll have no interest in cooking when I get home. Dinner is lentil stew and blackberries.

21 pills- no side effects to note. Fatigue is much less & skin is starting to look really good.

meal during 6 day detox
Day 4

This morning my kids and I are at my parents’ house in Charlotte, and I sadly drink my shake as I watch everyone enjoy bacon, eggs and biscuits. I hop on the elliptical for an hour which helps distract my attention from all the carbs. Lunch is more lentil stew, and I go shopping for swimsuits in attempt to motivate myself to get through this next week. For dinner, I have the remaining kale salmon skillet from yesterday, and I sit down to online order my groceries for the next week. I decide to cut back on my lunches and just do a 2 shakes + veggies, almonds and berries until dinner time for the rest of the plan. This is partially to do with the new swimsuit I bought and also because I’m just tired of cooking and planning so much. (I’ve been preparing 2 separate lunches AND dinners for everyone… I’m over it.)

Day 5

Breakfast was a shake made with cold coffee, and it was pretty good! Let’s be honest, it’s not a caramel Frappuccino, but I would definitely call it a distant cousin of a cafe latte.

Remember yesterday when I decided to do 2 shakes a day instead of lunch? Well, that was before I got hangry on the two hour drive home today and raided my previously prepared cabbage & chicken as soon as I could get in the door today… but really the fact that I consider myself “pigging out” on cabbage is an improvement from my normal cheat days. (Looking at you, Bojangles.)

For dinner, I prepared a very good chicken & rice soup, all approved ingredients including coconut milk, ghee, herbs, wild rice and fresh veggies. I divided this into 4 bowls for later this week. Halfway done – I feel like this is mentally more challenging than anything else. Tomorrow is the real test at the Revision conference!

detox shake
meal during 6 day detox
Day 6

Breakfast this morning was my coffee shake again, as we headed to Charlotte for the Revision skincare conference. Normally by these things, I am chomping at the bit to have lunch, but by the time 12:30 rolled around, I didn’t feel the need to elbow my way through the masses. I brought a container of my chicken rice soup I made and was content to have that. The big challenge came around 3 pm when they rolled out the gourmet cupcakes and pie. I am a sucker for sweets so my green apple I munched on had to suffice. Dinner was more chicken & cabbage.

Day 7

Another day, another coffee flavored shake to get the day going. Dr Katherine jokes to me that she’s going to reorder the drink for me because I told her early on that I hated it. It’s actually not bad now; it’s true that your body learns to crave different things as it detoxes. I even have a fruity shake for lunch, as I’d promised myself I would start doing days ago. Dinner is shrimp pan fried in ghee with cumin, garlic and lime juice. A side of quinoa, black beans and avocado – it was delicious! Another favorite I will continue to make after this is over.

Day 8

Today has been a struggle. All the easy breezy speech from yesterday must’ve caught up to me because, man, I really wanted something sweet. After a coffee shake for breakfast and another fruity shake for lunch – it took every ounce of willpower for me not to sneak into the kid’s old Halloween candy. Around 3 pm, I decided to improvise and combine unsweetened cocoa powder, stevia, coconut oil and a dab of almond butter for a “detox friendly” Reeses. IT WAS NOT a real Reeses, but it did suffice. Dinner was the same as Tuesday, and I finished the day with a green apple for dessert.

snack during 6 day detox
Day 9

I switched up my shakes today and decided on berries for breakfast and coffee flavored for lunch. For dinner, I combined ground turkey, onion, celery, sesame oil and a bunch of random spices to make meatballs. I also stopped by the local farm and picked up an organic squash and zucchini. Pan grilled those in olive oil and it too was delicious. Another green apple for dessert.

Day 10

LAST DAY! I wake up early to take my kids to a field day celebration and forget my shake. I do take all my supplements, so I credit the appecurb for not making me ravenous. By the time lunch rolls around and the kids have Chick-fil-a catered in, I’m starting to miss my shake. My husband brings me a bag of carrots and a green apple, which tastes SO good. I make a berry shake when I get home and add a spoonful of almond butter. The biggest challenge of the week comes at dinner time. We have spent the day cleaning our house for company, and neither of us are interested in making dinner. My husband suggests pizza and wings. I ALMOST caved because I technically started my detox meals the night before DAY 1, but NO! I haven’t gone this far just to cheat on the last meal. I eat my leftover meatballs and squash and go to bed.

meal during 6 day detox
6 day detox before and after comparison - side

I wake up this morning and hesitantly step on the scale. When I started almost 2 weeks ago, I weighed 136.2. My eyes almost bulge out of my head when I see the number on the scale. 126.4!!! I lost almost 10 lbs! I am fully aware that this is not all fat, but I compare my before & after photos, and there’s definitely a change in my stomach. We go out to lunch with our company to the burger joint Grill Marks, and I have a salad instead of a burger. I have a new found motivation to eat cleaner, because I can see the difference, not only physically, but also how I feel inside. I feel lighter, I have more energy, and I believe my mood and concentration have even improved. This experience also made me feel proud to accomplish a lifestyle change that I believe is sustainable even after the 10 days.