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“Do You Offer ‘Short Scar’ Breast Reduction?”

A prospective patient asks, “Do you offer ‘short scar’ breast reduction?”

Thanks for asking about breast reduction and “short scar” surgery.

The type and length of the scar in a breast reduction surgery (or breast lift surgery, for that matter) has to do with how much breast tissue needs to be removed and what the size and shape of the breasts are before surgery. I also discuss your expectations about the size and shape of the resulting breast.

All of these things will influence the resulting scar.

I’d be happy to discuss your specific options with you during a consultation. As you know, insurance companies may have very strict requirements for covering breast reduction surgery, so that may influence what surgery (and therefore what type of resulting scar) I can offer you.

Many patients are opting to cover the surgery out of pocket, because their insurance company explicitly excludes coverage for it, or because they want more control over the amount of breast tissue that is to be removed.

Contact us at 864.214.5232 for a consultation to discuss it. Thanks for your question.