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Breast Augmentation Consultation

A patient visited for a breast augmentation consultation. After reviewing similar case studies, she had questions regarding recommended breast implant size.

After discussion with each patient, I determine the best range of implant sizes based on their chest size, the current amount of breast tissue and the dimensions of the breast.

Need to be able to “hide” the implant as much as possible behind the breast tissue and muscle or else the implant may be too visible and too obvious (and other issues can develop such as rippling or implant exposure.)

So there is a tradeoff given a patient’s current breast size. To be safe and still provide a great shape and size, I order the implants in a particular range. I am able to “test” the implants in the operating room to see how they look, etc. prior to putting in the final size.

The difference of 30cc is only an ounce! So we strive to improve patients’ breast shape and size, while maintaining safety and longevity for the procedure!