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Ptosis – Breast Lift? Or Implants Needed Too?

A prospective patient asks, “my breasts are quite droopy. Can you just do a breast lift on me? Or do I need an implant too?”

Women who have breast sagginess (ptosis) often ask this question. They think that they have enough breast volume, it’s just in the wrong the place! They demonstrate that by taking their breasts and lifting them up to where they would like them to be!

After pregnancies or weight loss, or just from aging, the breasts tend to stretch and fill out the bottom part of the breast less than the top. Overall, the breast tissue can change and shrink, as well as become less elastic. This can be very apparent from the “ski slope” appearance of the upper portion of the breast between the collar bone and the nipple. Sometimes bras can “push-up” the lower part of the breast to fill this more.

The typical surgical correction for ptosis is to do a breast lift, or mastopexy. There are many ways to do a mastopexies, that all involve different technical aspects. The resulting scar pattern, size and locations are the tradeoffs for varying amounts of “lift” – the more lift needed, typically the more extension the scars have to be to achieve a particular aesthetic look to the breast.

There are times when I recommend an implant to help fill in the top, or upper pole, of the breast. Even with a significant lift, this upper area can be difficult to round out or fill in sufficiently. Placing the implant behind the muscle can give even more boost to this upper pole. Also, the size, shape, and volume of the implant will influence this area. If patients want a more rounded upper pole shape, then an implant is typically needed.

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