Last week presented some personal challenges and I didn’t bounce back as fast as usual.  I had sunk into my own little funk.  This weekend, my husband took me on a 2 hour hike through a nearby forest to help me snap out of it.  And you know what – it worked!  Maybe it was because I took my shoes off for a while.  Most of you have probably heard of Earthing, and maybe some of you have categorized it as woo-woo.  The theory is that the influx of free electrons absorbed into the body through direct contact with the Earth can neutralize free radicals and thereby reduce acute and chronic inflammation, which makes you feel better.  Combine that with the dopamine boost of a little exercise, fresh air, and natural beauty and you have all the medicine you need.  So, next time you’re feeling down, or you’re sore from the gym, or coming down with a cold, take a barefoot walk outside.  It doesn’t have to be a forest, any natural area like a lake, the beach, a sunny meadow, or even your own backyard will do.  Snap!

If you’re a science geek, check this out: