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Benefit of “Gummy Bear” Implants Over Regular Implants?

Over the past several years, breast implant companies have introduced additional types of silicone with their newer silicone implants. (There are now over 500 different implants that plastic surgeons can choose from!)

While traditional silicone implants are still available and used frequently, the new gummy bear, or more technically – “highly cohesive”- implants are being favored for some patients because of their characteristics.

Highly cohesive refers to the chemical structure and the number of chemical bonds within the silicone material, making these implants a little more firm and able to hold their structure (and hence the breast tissue, like an internal scaffold) in a better position, longer.

Long term studies are being conducted to assess whether these implants last longer than traditional silicone implants.

This type of silicone has also made it possible to create “anatomic” or “teardrop” shaped breast implants. These are more natural in shape than the traditional round implants. While not better or worse, they are different!

So, the term “gummy bear” has been applied to a lot of different implants and probably not always used correctly. You should know that there are a large variety of implant shapes, textures, material types now available.

With so many choices, the best advice is to speak with Dr. Birchenough in consultation about which implant best fit your needs and desires in breast surgery!