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I came across a Huffington Post story the other day that talked about what ages and life stages people felt most happy.

Do you feel that the older you get, the less you are held back by the little negativities in life? I know I certainly do. True- I am firmly planted in my forties- but I feel a newfound confidence creeping in! Now don’t get me wrong, aging isn’t an easy thing to do gracefully (or is it? I am too busy fighting it tooth and nail!) Perhaps it’s because I take on things that would have held me back earlier in my life… and I am not afraid to jump in and work on areas of my body and health that made my feel bad about myself in my thirties. Wrinkles? See ya! Creases in my forehead? Good bye! Age spots from too much sun at the beach? Well my dear that’s what the lovely south beach laser treatment is all about- get rid of what makes you self-conscious and get on with all that life has to offer!

There is something about work, home and social life that takes on the sort of ease nowadays that was missing in the crazy years of having my kids in middle school while I was busy outside the house climbing the ‘career ladder’. I think I am beginning to understand that happiness is a choice- and I am so very grateful for health, opportunity and of course all of my family and friends.

Do you appreciate all that you are and all that you have a little bit more these days? Do you think age makes us more aware and grateful? I would love to hear what you think!