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Personalized Nutrition

Whether your’re eating the “standard american diet”,  autoimmune paleo, or somewhere in between, what you eat undoubtedly has a major impact on your physical health, energy and emotional wellbeing.  Most people just aren’t sure what they should be eating, and are confused about which supplements they need. Rather than leaving it up to chance, Dr. Katherine believes that proper testing can help identify your specific needs.

Using advanced nutritional testing and genetics, you are given powerful tools in your quest for your best health. A medical history and lifestyle review help identify any pre-existing issues and habits that may be undermining your  best intentions. With this comprehensive approach, Dr. Katherine will outline and detail a highly-personalized nutrition plan that will put you back in control of your health.

“There’s a lot of noise and confusion out there about what to eat, and about nutritional supplementation. My approach is to determine your specific needs based on advanced lab testing and your lifestyle. With this information, we can be sure you are getting exactly what you need and avoiding what may cause problems for you.”

—Dr. Katherine Birchenough

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