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FastVitaminIV™ is the ONLY patent-pending nutrient IV that works better with speed! By pushing the FastVitaminIV™ blend over 90 to 120 seconds your body quickly gets what it needs. You may feel what people describe as a warm fuzzy feeling as every cell in your body soaks up the undiluted powerful blend of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Each FastVitaminIV™ formula consists of a core group of nutrients that synergistically allow for fast absorption into your cells, muscles, and brain. It is designed to help you feel better faster and take less time out of your day than the conventional slow drips. The FastVitaminIV™ formula is made with a safe combination of ingredients, manufactured in an FDA-registered 503b compounding facility, and tested to ensure the highest level of sterility and stability.

Each of the FastVitaminIV™ formulas are designed to address specific concerns, but all of them will increase energy, endurance, and overall wellness. Each can be used individually or combined in specially designed programs to achieve your health and performance goals:

– Vitamin 10-C Core Vitality

– Vitamin 10-T ToxiClean

– Vitamin 10-R Reboot

Many clients choose weekly or bi-weekly FastVitaminIV™ boosts to keep them at the peak of health and performance.

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$150 each