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BioTE® Natural Hormone Therapy

What is hormone optimization?

BioTE® Medical optimizes hormone levels with natural, termed “bio-identical” or human identical hormone pellets. Hormone optimization is a process by which levels of hormones throughout the body are equalized through continual absorption of hormone pellets, thyroid support, and key nutraceuticals leading to peak levels of health and well-being.

What is pellet therapy?

Human-identical hormone replacement therapy is the most natural way to overcome hormone deficiencies and hormone imbalances at any age. Human-identical hormones have many benefits over the more common conjugated (synthetic) hormones. These hormones can be delivered to patients in the form of pellets. They are placed just under the skin in an outpatient procedure with less than a week of recovery time before patients can return to their normal active lifestyles and exercise routines. The hormones in the pellets are bio-identical; meaning that they are structurally the same as naturally occurring human hormones. These hormones are found in nature and are plant-derived.  The pellets remain within the body and consistently provide the dosing that the body requires. This contrasts with other hormone replacement therapy methods in which the hormone is provided in spurts, such as injections, pills and creams, resulting in a rollercoaster effect for many people.

How is Dr. Katherine’s approach different?

As a physician certified and experienced in Functional Medicine, Dr. Katherine knows that the body is a complex network of systems that need to function in harmony to achieve true and lasting good health. In order for your hormones to work most effectively, the impact of stress, environment, nutrition, and sleep may need to be explored. In addition, thyroid hormones and vitamin levels are checked with the initial blood work. Often, specific supplements are recommended to help you feel your best. As a patient of OptimalSelf MD, you are part of an “extended family” and treated as such. If other conditions are impacting your health, you can be sure she will discuss this with you and help you find solutions.*

How do I get started?

The preparation for BioTE® hormone pellet implants involves completing a few questionnaires, blood tests, and an office consultation with Dr. Katherine to confirm that your symptoms are caused by low hormone levels. During the consultation she will go over your lab results and make recommendations. You may even be able to get your pellets placed that same day.  If she determines that you have another medical condition causing your symptoms that she does not treat, she will refer you to your primary physician or a specialist. Once the condition is managed, you can return for a consultation to determine if BioTE® hormone pellet implants are right for you.



  • Initial & follow-up bloodwork $175/$75 (Repeated yearly once stable)
  • Initial consultation $200
  • Pellet placement $395 (most women need this every 3-4 months)
  • Follow-up labs at 6 weeks included (to ensure proper dosing)
  • Pellet boosters for low levels $175
  • There will be additional costs for peptides, HCG,  B12 shots, recommended supplements, InBody BIA analysis, and other desired specialty testing and consultation


  • Initial/follow-up bloodwork $175/$75 (repeated yearly once stable)
  • Initial consultation $200
  • Pellet placement $795 (most men need this every 5-6 months)
  • Follow-up labs at 4 weeks included (to ensure proper dosing)
  • Pellet boosters for low levels $375
  • There will be additional costs for peptides, HCG,  B12 shots, recommended supplements, InBody BIA analysis, and other desired specialty testing and consultation


Membership includes the consultation, lab work, B12 shots and pellets for a year as well as the InBody body composition analysis at each pellet appointment to track improvements in body fat and lean body mass. Members also receive a 20% discount on supplements, peptides, and HCG as well as 10% off non-surgical aesthetic services in the office. Must be paid in advance, financing options available.

Men: $2595/year

Women: $1995/year

*Consulting/office visit fees for health issues not directly pertaining to hormone management are billed at $400/hour . Concierge membership plans are also available for those wanting more in-depth age management and health optimization. For more information and a 15-minute call with Dr. Katherine apply here.