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Dr. Katherine offers many options for achieving optimal wellness, including functional medicine consulting, natural hormone therapy, Health Optimization Medicine, nutritional evaluations, and intravenous nutrient therapy.
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Dr. Katherine’s profession and heart is that of a clinician and healer, but her most valuable tool is an understanding of the root causes of Illness, and how to get back to Wellness.

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Your best health is your most valuable asset, and determines the trajectory of your life.

OptimalSelf MD FAQ

Dr. Katherine “does” medicine differently and you may have questions about her practice. If you don’t see your answer here, feel free to contact the office.

Join Dr. Katherine for a journey deep into the inner workings of your unique physiology and discover how a higher state of health can change your life!

Patient Testimonials

“Y’all are the best, thank you so much! We have to thank Dr. Birchenough for getting pregnant, we have been trying 1.5 years and 3 miscarriages but are so thankful for your help in getting my body healthy again :)”

Patient of Dr. Katherine

“I have been feeling 100% myself the past 2.5 months health-wise. Thank you so so much for helping me get back to feeling good, I am so appreciative! I have no migraines, diarrhea, stomach pain, lethargy, etc, wahoo!!”

Patient of Dr. Katherine

After 3 1/2 years and eleven other doctors, Dr. Katherine took the time and interest needed to put me back on the road to good health. Her knowledge and intellectual curiosity combined with her care and patience are a gift to her patients. She surrounds herself with an equally kind and helpful staff – every visit is a positive experience!

Patient of Dr. Katherine

…IV therapy is nothing short of a miracle. Increased energy, focus, mindset and noticeable mood enhancement… The office environment is incredibly welcoming. Absolute professionals, Dr. Birchenough is second to none in her craft. You won’t be disappointed in the treatment, or their first class service!

Patient of Dr. Katherine