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LightWave Therapy

Lightwave Skin Therapy is a patented LED red, infrared, and blue light therapy which can dramatically revitalize your skin without downtime or discomfort. This is a great modality for non-invasive treatment for acne, skin complexion , wrinkles, and more. It boosts circulation and helps your skin detoxify, all while being relaxing. Multiple back-to-back treatments are the most effective.

LED Topical Infusion Facial Treatments combine the Lightwave Light with a topical treatment to enhance your results. We use specifically formulated ABI Dermaceutical topical infusions to intensify the therapeutic LED light effects.

Acne Therapy

This treatment is ideal for congested and oily skin. The concentrated gel based mask contains several Power Pure ingredients designed to reduce inflammation, detoxify the skin tissue and reduce unsightly blemishes resulting in an overall improved look and feel of the skin.


This treatment utilizes kojic acid and vitamin C to improve discoloration caused by sun damage, chemical build-up, chemical reactions from chemical peels, and excessive use of skin damaging products. This process helps to normalize the melanin within the skin. The amount of treatments needed vary depending on the amount of damage to the skin the age of the client but most individuals respond well to 8-10 treatments.

Anti Aging

This treatment uses a combination of proven powerful peptides, hyaluronic acid, vitamin c, and collagen to re-hydrate the face, and increase collagen and elastin formation resulting in a reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It aids in decreasing flaccidity, lifting sagging tissues and restoring skin tone and texture resulting in an overall improvement erasing years from the face. Eight treatments are recommended. Maintenance once every six weeks or as needed can prolong the youthful appearance.