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Dr. Birchenough and our team have a unique philosophy; we believe in the long term care of our patient’s entire well being. While many come to us to look their best; we also want to make sure that they feel their best. Quite simply, we are passionate about helping our clients create a healthier, happier life. We do more than just isolated procedures; we provide the full spectrum of beauty services, both surgical and non-surgical, enhancing your lifestyle and well-being… We build lasting relationships with our patients – a concept we call Finding Your Best You.


How can women balance achieving a physical appearance that makes us confident without trying to look like the unrealistic retouched photos of models and celebrities in magazines? Sometimes exercise simply…
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Women want to feel confident about their bodies and breasts. Dr Birchenough specializes in breast surgeries of all types, to help women achieve this confidence. He understands that considering breast…
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Looking great doesn’t always require surgery. Science and aesthetic expertise have taken anti-aging to a new level with nonsurgical options like wrinkle smoothing injectables, fillers and laser skin resurfacing. New,…
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Facial Rejuvenation encompasses a wide range of products, procedures and methods. Dr. Birchenough is a plastic surgeon who has the ability to do non-invasive laser or chemical peel procedures, injectables…
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