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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)


Many of us notice a woman’s nose only when it is not in Facial Harmony with the rest of their face. Either because it’s too large, too wide, misshapen, or has a hump. If you are not satisfied with the shape or proportion of your nose, you may be less than happy with your overall facial appearance.

Surgery for women can help make a more feminine nose or one that is less wide. It may improve the overall shape, or maybe change the shape back to what it was prior to injury.

Indeed, the best nose surgery result is one that isn’t noticed much at all. Results depend on the women’s nasal bone and cartilage structures, overall facial shape, skin thickness and age.

Rhinoplasty can help reshape your nose and give you increase in beauty and facial harmony of your appearance. Or it may simply help you breathe more freely.

Typically the reasons for nose surgery are:

  • Change the size or shape or projection of the nose
  • Repairing damage caused by an injury
  • Improving or restoring breathing
  • Complementing another facial procedure, such as eyelid surgery or a neck liposculpting

What Can I Expect During Rhinoplasty/Nose Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is usually typically performed in the operating room under general anesthesia for safety. The procedure takes about two hours, although more complicated procedures can take longer to complete. Most incisions are concealed inside the nose or along its natural creases. Sometimes cartilage from inside the nose (septum) is moved to help shape and support the nose and improve breathing air movement. Incisions are stitched closed, and specific dressings or a splint are placed to maintain the new shape.

How Long Will It Take For Me to Recover?

Swelling can last up to three or four weeks on the nose, no strenuous activity can be done during this time. However, walking and doing light activities are fine. Returning to work will be determined by the amount of strenuous activity you have to do. Again, Dr. Birchenough will follow and advise you closely before and after your procedure.

What Questions Should I Ask Dr. Birchenough?

  • “Will I be able to breathe easier after my nose surgery?”
  • “I want my nose to be smaller, how can you do that without taking out any skin?”

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